>Not going to be that girl on the couch.

August 17, 2008 § Leave a comment

After a couple of days of feeling down, I have begun to regain my strength. I woke up and knew that I needed to actively abandon this sadness.

Today was exactly what I needed to spring back:

A pigeon pooped on my bare foot. Well, I was wearing flip-flops. I like to believe that this is good luck.

I finally bought the shirt from Russ and Daughters. I’ve wanted this shirt for a long time, but I’ve been afraid to buy it because of the possibility of having the logo mistaken for the Jesus fish. I also picked up the most incredible Australian ginger sweet-things.

I strolled across the Williamsburg bridge and back.

I watched American Teen, which was good, but not great. At bad moments, it reminded me of the horrible movie that Ben Stiller’s company makes out of Winona Ryder’s movie–the movie within the movie– in Reality Bites. At good moments, I was unable to differentiate myself now from my angst-ridden thirteen-year old self. (Seems like that should be considered a bad moment, but I think it shows the strength of a movie if it can send me back in such a visceral way. I felt like Hannah, the artsy girl in the movie: trapped on a couch at a party with a bunch of normal people and no way to escape. Sadly, it’s not been that long since the last time I was in a situation like that.) Anyway, I’m glad I saw it.

Heartbreaks are the worst.


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