>a bunch of romantics

August 23, 2008 § Leave a comment

Veronica, Alexis, Kim, Umber, and I met for Moonstruck in Central Park. Free popcorn came in two flavors: Oreo and cheddar. Oreo popcorn was a first for all of us. (Kim is rocking out the cleanse–day 10!–so she didn’t partake.)

Before the movie, Kim and I met up at Bloomingdale’s where I stumbled into a Mac promotion for their new berry-colored makeup line. I ended up eating a lot of free cherry tart, receiving a free makeover (hence my Drag Queen appearance in this picture), and convincing myself that I needed to purchase blush.

The screenwriter, John Patrick Shanley introduced the film. He turned out to be an ex-hippie (current hippie?) who rambled on about the interconnectedness of nature and life on earth.

And then: Magic. It was so incredible to see Moonstruck with such a passionate audience. We cheered, laughed, and then protested during the technical difficulties.

When the credits rolled, we all sang That’s Amore along with the movie as though the song was the national anthem.


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