>a nervous condition

September 1, 2008 § 1 Comment

Sometimes I think about all the restaurants I will never go to in New York and I feel overwhelmed and distraught. Is that normal? And then when I do go to a restaurant, there’s so much pressure to order the right thing because I don’t want anything but the best.

I tried to coin the term, Urban Panic to describe the feeling of having too many choices in an urban setting, but Urban Panic already has connotations that I’m not trying to conjure up.

Another example of this is when I go to a bodega and I worry that I’m being robbed by paying too much for something that I could get a couple blocks down for less money. Sometimes, this makes shopping for basic groceries all too stressful and I end up storming out of stores without purchasing toilet paper, a box of cereal, or a carton of (soy) milk.

Anyway, this is a nervous condition and I’m still working on coming up with the right name for it. (Let the record show that I know I am incredibly spoiled as this is one of my main problems in life.)

Veronica and I had a lovely brunch at Cafe Lalo, though I am disappointed that I went with the chef’s recommendation, which was not anything special. But the ambiance, Veronica’s food, and the delicious Chocolate Espresso Mousse Cake that we ended up with made me want to go back, even if it means opting out of going to another place where I haven’t eaten.


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  • >don’t feel too bad about not getting to certain restaurants– chances are they will close soon anyway. hmmm…that’s probably not very comforting. well, i feel you on this one in any case. the list constantly gets longer and longer but whenever i find i place i like i feel like i want to go back but shouldn’t because i should be trying something new. alas. love the new banner photo, by the way. very un-basementy.

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