>Cambridge, a perfectly predictable town

September 29, 2008 § 2 Comments

>Now that Sandra is trying to ease into the intensive academic rigors of graduate school, I have one more reason to visit my home away from home (Cambridge). I miss being in school, but it’s also refreshing to be back in Boston without the grad school pressure.

I’ve been wondering if a sabbatical in Boston might not help with my stress. Questions that arise include but are not limited to: Could I be happy here? Would I find other artists to befriend? Would I end up reliving my college years? Is Boston that much more affordable than New York or would I be moving to a city that I like a lot less and spending just as much money?

It’s so good to be in a place I know and around the people who know me best, but how long would I live here before growing bored?

No need for life-changing decisions this weekend. Instead I will say that we are having a fabulous time eating, drinking, doing the usual amount of roaming around, and venturing out to quirky local events like the Fluff Festival.


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