>A much-needed visit to Veronica’s

October 9, 2008 § Leave a comment

>My dear friend, Veronica is the only one who is allowed to cut my hair. She had to remind me several times that I am not to take out my emotions on my hair. But she’s a realist, and so she showed me how to cut my bangs if I couldn’t resist. Sometimes I can’t resist.

I’ve been instructed to let this newly cut hairdo grow out so that she can try her next vision on my hair.

As one would expect from hanging around with a scientist, Veronica has endless information. Tonight she taught me about the naked mole rat. Recently, she attended a conference where she learned about aging and cancer. Apparently the naked mole rat does not get cancer, and scientists are unsure why the naked mole rats die. Similar to the queen bee, the queen naked mole rat mates with all of the males in her group. This includes mating with her sons. The queen bee causes so much stress by bullying the other females that they do not try to mate. Isn’t nature amazing?


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