>For Chris

October 18, 2008 § 1 Comment

>I thought I would throw up on my way to Chris’ Memorial Celebration today. I cried three times before I left Astoria: once when I picked out a sympathy card for his family, once while I wrote a note in the card, and again when I knew it was time to go to Manhattan to see everyone.

The event was full of joy and the energy was so positive and amazing. All around the event space were bowls of candy and photo albums. Hundreds of friends and family members came together to share stories and to celebrate. As his college roommate said, “he was the most social person I’ve known.”

I will always admire Chris for knowing how to live.

Megan, Erin, Beth, and me! Not how we thought we’d end up reuniting, but so fabulous to reconnect with old friends.

Erin wins for biggest fag hag, hands down!

Megan and Erin and some of Chris’ other close friends organized an amazing celebration of his life.

We shared memories from Amsterdam: Erin blossomed. Beth was the academic. I was the drugged, depressed one with too much drama on my hands. Well, we were all drugged. But I think I won for the most drama. Megan won for most drugged. Chris was the partier. Greg was the whore–or were all of us the whores? We missed Matt B who is currently in Paris!

Even though Greg is now going by his middle name, Oscar, some things never change: Oscar invited us to a sex party at South Seaport (of all places) tonight!

Two of Chris’ friends gave beautiful, hilarious tributes to Chris. One of his friends said, “Like a Walmart, people went to Chris for everything. Unlike a Walmart, he had a soul… and expensive stuff.”

Chris’ brother’s friend sang a beautiful cover of Chris’ favorite song, Stay (I Missed You) by Lisa Loeb.

Chris loved Popeye’s chicken, which was served on silver platters. I don’t think anything says “Chris” more than that.


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