>"You give me chills, Dolly."

October 23, 2008 § Leave a comment

I’ve getting in touch with my bluegrass roots (of which I have none). No, I haven’t tuned my banjo, nothing as practical as taking it out of the case. What I meant is that it’s been Dolly Parton non-stop around these parts.

I’ve been operating with little to no sleep. Here comes the crash, perfectly sandwiched between the chaos.

Top five Dolly songs on repeat if you choose a life of no sleep:
1. The Seeker (I LOVE fake gospel!)
2. Twelfth of Never
3. Crimson and Clover
4. Here You Come Again
5. All I Can Do

Aesthetically, I prefer fall to the other seasons. Plus, the comfort food can’t be beat. I need to sing praises to the chef at work for cooking one of the best (organic!) lunches of the year.

Today’s menu:

Chinese Black Eyed Beans & Greens
Pumpkin Chickpea Curry
Basmiti Rice
Italian Asparagus w/ Tomatoes
Roasted Zucchini
Sweet Potatoes
Tomato Soup

A coworker friend, Jules and I are going to start country line dancing! Today, I purchased my first pair of cowboy boots. This class will be a perfect supplement to tap dancing. Now I just have to get back to Aikido…

I’m blaming my joy on Happy-Go-Lucky (and a fair amount of wine and coffee).

(These pictures are from National Genographic Project weekend. I can’t be more descriptive than that as I have agreed to remain quiet until further notice.)


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