>big bang

November 25, 2008 § Leave a comment

Tomorrow is my second-to-last day of work and I could not leave my job with a bigger bang. (That’s not what I meant!)

Jon Stewart is coming to visit tomorrow! Two hours of non-stop Jon Stewart. Normally, I’m not one to flip out over trivial celebrity appearances, but for Jon, an exception must be made. A full report will follow post-visit.

Here is a play-by-play of my pre-visit conversation with Jon Stewart when I accidentally called his cell phone instead of his wife’s:
JS: Hello?
GW: Jon?
JS: Who’s this?
GW: It’s Gili at ______________.
JS: Okay.
GW: We were wondering if you’d like a private tour when you visit. It might be distracting for you to be on a tour with other parents.
JS: That would be great.
GW: Great. How’s November 25?
JS: Perfect.
GW: Great.
JS: We’re really excited about this.
GW: You’re excited about this? We’re excited about this!
GW: Okay, well I guess we’ll see you soon.
JS: Yep.
GW: Bye.

All I can hope is that I have rid myself of all awkwardness in this cell phone conversation and tomorrow morning, I will be back to my usual smooth operator self.

Veronica and I wandered through the Bryant Park Holiday Market tonight. The carousel felt like a perfect analogy for life lately. I won’t spell out the circular track, stop-start cycle metaphor. There’s no break until I’m out of New York on Thursday morning.

Tomorrow evening, I’m going downtown for my very first business class to see about this bookstore/winebar idea I can’t seem to get out of my head. Now if I can just find a way to persuade Jon Stewart to put the money down…

*good, solid words: The Edge of Marriage by Hester Kaplan (once my mentor, now another author I admire)
*good, solid noise: DeVotchKa’s Curse Your Little Heart


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