>Crafting? Gili? Really?

January 22, 2009 § Leave a comment

Craft day in the East Village with my adorable coworkers.

The main artist at work led the workshop. We were told to sew dolls by hand, to make up our own patterns.

Kelly, hard at work on her animal.

Here’s the beginnings of my Eileen Fisher inspired, linen jellyfish. The bottom fabric will eventually become the legs. Let it be known that I have never sewn anything (or had the desire to sew anything) by hand in my entire life.

Last night I had sushi with Denise at our favorite spot, Shima.

Then Joe and I ran across town to see Waltz with Bashir. I am still processing the power of this film. It’s a psychological piece, inside the minds of Israeli soldiers, dealing with post traumatic stress experiences. Afterward, I couldn’t stop thinking about what soldiers are expected to live through. How can a person live through so much and go on? The brain is such a powerful organ, developing coping mechanisms like memory loss for processing trauma on such grand scales. If you have the opportunity to see this film, go while it’s still on the big screen.


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