>leaps and bounds

February 18, 2009 § 2 Comments

Vanessa treated me to her favorite cupcakes (good, but not Billy’s by any means) and to the New York City Ballet at Lincoln Center. We are trying to build a portfolio of pictures of us together since there are only a few in existence at this time. Oh shoot! We should have taken some cartwheeling ones at Lincoln Center. How could we forget the tried and true cartwheel? I’m not so happy about the prominence of my chin/jaw/arm/hand in this one, but it felt like a lot of work getting a stranger to take our picutre; I wasn’t about to ask him to retake it.

The ballet was more pensive and not as invigorating as the summer season. The highlight was “Mercurial Manoeuvres” with music by Shostakovich.

During the ballet, I reflected on superstition, which I have decided is my way of coping with not being able to solve problems with logic. It turns out, I am quite superstitious. When I cannot answer hard questions, I try and find a pattern in numbers, shapes, or letters and after I’ve decided upon a particular pattern, I sit tight and fixate on my hypothesis. Maybe that’s just a fancy way of saying I wish I could understand things that are impossible to understand.

I feel like a scarecrow.


§ 2 Responses to >leaps and bounds

  • >correction: the devil dog is not my favorite cupcake (the ones from baked in red hook are). and while i’m at it, while the devil dog is not my favorite cupcake, it is, in fact, better than billy’s. also, we are really fucking cute. i do agree that “manoeuvres” was my favorite piece of the night. so at least we have that in common.

  • Gili Warsett says:

    >I just read a blog called Cook & Eat dot com, that says about a cupcake crawl and the devil dog:Unfortunately, the cupcake I tried, both the cake itself and the firm frosting were dry, dry, dry. Ack. I almost spit it out it was that dry. I was not at all satisfied with my cupcake experience, and I knew that I could do better. I moved on.

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