>To be here: staying with the present

February 25, 2009 § Leave a comment

>Recently, I’ve been proven wrong: I cannot predict the future. This disproving has showed up in many aspects of my life, and I am actively working to stop trying to be psychic.

Case in point, this past weekend, Joseph invited me to the Millennium Experimental Film Screenings. My prediction: nothing short of visual torture. I expected to watch horrible, maybe graphically disturbing images, or abstract colors and patterns, probing my mind for over an hour. I was happily and completely incorrect. Though each piece brought new ideas and creative perspectives to the screen, the film that stood out was Deborah Stratman’s In Order Not to Be Here, which focused on themes of insider/outsider, borders, surveillance, suburbia, isolation, and escape. The images are haunting, beautifully positioned, and the narrative is thoughtfully paced. I urgently recommend this film.

Speaking of borders, I want to send a huge CONGRATULATIONS to my dear friend, Veronica who after months of anticipation and stressful unknowing, has been approved for a Green Card!

Aikido update: Yesterday, for the very first time, I attended two Aikido classes in a row. I can’t wait until the practice becomes more integrated into my mind and body.


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