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March 8, 2009 § Leave a comment

While strolling through the East Village, Riva and I tried out, Butter Lane cupcakes this afternoon.

Though the server was unfriendly, the smell, taste, and ambiance were delicious.

Butter Lane offers two cupcakes: vanilla or chocolate. Then you get to choose frostings from a list of eighteen.

Best friends/cupcakes forever.

We tried chocolate with coffee frosting,

and vanilla with cream cheese frosting.

Both were light, fulfilling, and in the top five of the New York cupcake choices.

Later on, we ran into Babycakes, the vegan bakery in the Lower East Side.

We figured why not make it two for two? We both tried the spelt-flour carrot cupcakes with vanilla frosting.

Pretty yummy for vegan.

It’s not obvious from this picture, but Riva was overjoyed to learn that Babycakes serves Stumptown Coffee, a Portland bean, which she cherished back in her West Coast days. She broke her two-month break from coffee to revisit this treasure.


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