>I love these people.

April 12, 2009 § Leave a comment

Last night, Joe helped celebrate my turning thirty at Sweet Revenge.

I had planned my birthday wish the night before, but under pressure, I completely forgot what it was.

I came up with another (probably better) wish.

Sugar high.

Beth and Oscar shared their amazingness with me.

Joe and Jess, Bikram Yoga Twins.

The good people I love.

The best birthday present ever was Riva’s presence

and Sandra’s presence!

Serious and sweet.

Chris, Alexis, Umber, Beth: pure genius.

Love = sharing cupcakes.

Hot Alexis.

I was smitten with Kim and Umber’s company.

I wish I had better pictures of wonderful Leyla and Denise.

When the party started to mellow out,

we all kind of crashed from the sugar

except Beth, who insists she’s not a serious person.

Oscar’s band photo.

Joe gave me beautiful flowers.

All the way from Boston, Riva traveled for me!

After the party, Sandra had me convinced that we should have a late-night snack at the cheesiest restaurant in town, Caliente Cab.

They brag about having the freshest guacamole in the world,

but we all felt really sick.

Still, we ordered the fiesta platter, another horrible choice.

The only good choice we made was to steal the beautiful trivet.

In the morning, Joe and I took Sandra and Riva back to Manhattan.



these people.

With a mandatory stop at Ess-a-Bagel before Sandra and Riva headed back home.

They hopped on the bus with a dozen bagels each, to keep them going while they’re away.

This birthday celebration was my favorite birthday weekend ever.


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