>Ukemi, little me, oh my

May 22, 2009 § Leave a comment

>These are some of the final pictures Joe and I took with my digital camera last night before it really truly passed on to a better place. First my camera started using the flash uncontrollably and now it refuses to take pictures altogether.

We treated ourselves to dinner at the original Shake Shack, which entailed a Shack Burger, a Bird Dog, and the Shack Attack. I love how well chocolate and burgers go together.

We spent several hours sitting in Madison Square Park, enjoying the warm weather and trying to write down every film we’re seen together in the theater. (This excluded the endless list of DVDs we’ve watched.) The list wasn’t as long as anticipated probably because lately we can’t afford the expense, so we’ve stuck to Netflix for our cinema fix.

Yesterday was a BIG Aikido day for me. For the first time, I was asked by my instructor, Ernie to take Ukemi in front of the class. It’s an honor when the instructor thinks you are ready to be an example for the class. I was nervous and the adrenaline made it hard to concentrate for the rest of class.

Tonight I head to Boston for my very first Aikido seminar, which will be six classes in one day. I’m nervous about being too much of a beginner to attend, but I like the challenge.


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