May 24, 2009 § Leave a comment

Today I attended my first seminar.

Leading up to it, all I could think was there is no way I can live through six full hours of Aikido in one day.

Each class was incredible in its own way.

(These are pictures of Nicole and me practicing in between classes.)

I never thought that Aikido would be a part of my destiny.

Everyone I spoke to had a different path to learning about Aikido.

I’ll never forget the first class I observed, how I almost cried.

Alex, Nicole, and I traveled from our New York dojo to attend the seminar.

Everyone welcomed us.

After the first three classes, we hit my favorite sushi place in the Porter Exchange building for lunch.

Wee-Wow Dumlao, one of our instructors spoke to us about incorporating Aikido into every aspect of our lives. She confirmed those feelings I had the very first time I watched Aikido: this practice is a larger metaphor for how we can live in relationship to our environment and to other people. Among other things, Aikido is about taking up space, setting boundaries, and relating to others with love and compassion.

Lorraine DiAnne Shihan, another one of our instructors brought positive, calm power to her teaching.

And Fiona Blyth encouraged us with warmth.

I took my second ukemi in front of the class with Fiona’s instruction.

Too many emotions to list right now. This was such a powerful, brilliant day. I’m so happy that I fought through the anxiety and decided to show up. Now that I know what seminars are like, I’m ready to attend a longer one.

Tonight, I plan to sleep soundly.


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