>update minus photos

June 2, 2009 § 1 Comment

>I’ve been practicing taking pictures with my new camera, but I left the device to download pictures at my apartment in Astoria, so it will have to wait until my parents move out and I can move back in.

I traveled upstate to Pleasantville today, which was a brief and kind of pleasant change-of-venue. (They should change the name to Kind-of-Pleasantville.)

When I returned to Manhattan, I was all sorts of crabby. I stopped by Joe’s office to pick up my freshly-washed gi (Aikido uniform) and then headed over to the dojo. As I pulled everything out of the bag, I found a container of chocolate-covered pretzels, which Joe had slipped in for a treat. This was such a perfectly timed surprise. Everyone at the dojo was impressed that not only did Joe wash my gi, but he also left me an after-Aikido delicious snack.

Riva has agreed to help me with my business! More updates on this soon.

I’m training for my first Aikido ranking test, 5th kyu. Even though I have been practicing for a while, I’m very nervous about testing and not sure I will be ready by late June. I may decide to not take it, but I want to be prepared so that the option is there.

I’m eating a bowl of cherries for dinner. That’s what life is after all.


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