>10 pieces (for you and me)

June 10, 2009 § Leave a comment

>1. I am not eating sugar for the entire week. This doesn’t include natural sugar from foods like fruit. Too much Yogurtland and 16 Handles. My body, my body.

2. On May 31, 2009, I stepped off the E train at West 4th and Björk, Matthew Barney, and their daughter also exited the train. I’m not a fan; I’m not not a fan either; she’s never been important to me. Nobody else noticed as they walked south toward Tribeca. Björk takes the E train. Fancy that.

3. I thought I had a magical MetroCard because it seemed like it wouldn’t expire. This morning it expired.

4. Union Square and I have a love/hate relationship. The most important part of enjoying yourself when you’re there is to find the perfect place to sit. It’s best to sit closer to the skaters and farther from the conspiracy theorists. Advice: don’t get too comfortable for the first ten minutes; keep moving until you are in the right spot.

5. In New York, everyone is trying to get something.

6. Things are no longer social when they become obligations. I’m avoiding social obligations and embracing social happenings.

7. The bodega near my dojo sells apples for 79 cents each. This is probably too expensive, but in between classes, this is the most rewarding way to spend 79 cents.

8. I’ve noticed that the Empire State Building lighting updates are missing from the Time Out. I agree with this editing decision. Now if the city would stop lighting up the ESB in ridiculous ways and just keep it white, we’d have a consistently beautiful skyline.

9. There is nothing wrong with returning to your old apartment, sitting on the stoop with some dumplings and coconut water, watching the people walk by, and pretending you still live there.

10. The etymology of eavesdropper: (1487) place around the house where the rainwater drips off the roof. Stories are everywhere. At least once a week, ride the train without wearing your ipod. Open your journal to a blank page and write.


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