June 24, 2009 § Leave a comment

Tara and I have known each other longer than any other friend I have. This doesn’t include Facebook “friends,” like a certain old friend of mine from elementary school, who is now a youth minister and very publicly anti-choice and anti-feminist.

The nice thing about knowing Tara for so long is that in many ways, our lives have remained parallel. She’s been away at school for the past two years, and I’ve been living in her sister’s hand-me-down apartment. Tara’s back in New York for the summer before she begins an MFA program in the Midwest, and yesterday we ran around town, catching each other up on the past two years. We fell right back into our friendship. I’m excited to have her company over the next couple of months.

I love how New York invites intersections. But for today, I’m escaping New York. I’m on the bus to Boston. Free Wi-Fi! Thinking about Sandra who is somewhere far away, enjoying the good life that the West Coast offers. I’m taking time away from New York for a short trip to see Kimberley and Riva, and to take some space from Aikido, which is currently causing claustrophobia.

There’s a little girl in the back of the bus who is singing the alphabet out of order.

I can’t wait to get a good night’s sleep in Kimberley’s perfectly curved futon, with a nook in the middle to hold my body in place.


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