>Hippie Birthday, Rivka!

July 17, 2009 § Leave a comment

Riva = 30 years on Planet Earth

Joseph realized his dream in Phoenicia.

That’s when we began the spoon-themed birthday celebration.

Mahalia was our spoon-nosed guru.

Everybody fell into line.

Riva, spoon, jazz hands.

Then we drove back to Shokan for birthday party prep.

Gaela’s perfect cake and cupcakes.

Joe and I gave Riva an ice cream maker plus accoutrements for the big thirty.

Served, dinner.

Beautiful Merle, my Aikido soulmate with beautiful Riva, my ice cream soulmate.

And then the spooning began again.


Joe and I baked challah,

and made challah French toast for breakfast.

With the help of the adults, Eden made mixed-berry muffins.

Still waking up.

Happy birthday to my Best Friend, Riva. I love you profusely/wildly/unabashedly/blazingly/blatantly/verbatimly/literally/sans hyperbole.


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