>Ground control to Turkey

August 7, 2009 § 1 Comment

>Joseph has touched down in Istanbul! He’s staying at a hotel right around the corner from a Starbucks, where he was able to pick up a wifi signal to skype. Here are our very first international skype conversation pictures. At the last minute, I learned how to do screen snapshots, so I didn’t manage to capture decent shots before Joseph’s computer battery died.

He looked a lot happier for most of the conversation than these pictures indicate.

He’s only slept for about thirty minutes since leaving New York yesterday evening.

Since he mentioned that Istanbul is a lot like Astoria, there is a small part of me that suspects he is merely taking a vacation in Queens while pretending to be in Turkey. We don’t have real proof that anyone has ever been to the moon, right? How is this situation different? Perhaps it will be easier to believe that he is in Turkey when I meet up with him next week.


§ One Response to >Ground control to Turkey

  • Dad says:

    >When you get off the plane, how will you know you really are in Turkey? Maybe if you studied the history a little bit you could find proof? So far Starbucks doesn't sound too Turkish to me (even if they have Turkish coffee). Love, dad

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