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September 4, 2009 § Leave a comment

Last night I arrived back in the city for a long weekend before school begins. Joseph and I visited Yogurt Station, the new self-serve yogurt cafe on St. Marks.

Joseph and I added a column to our yogurt chart. Yogurt Station is giving its two competitors a run for their money. The biggest downside of the new restaurant is its horrible location on the heavily trafficked street with drunk NYU students, stumbling off the sidewalk. On the plus side, Yogurt Station only charges 35 cents an ounce, which is the cheapest of the three shops.

Remember Kaleidoscope? Well, Joe and I visited my old block in the East Village and it seems that the restaurant has finally declared itself a failure, morphing into another aesthetic nightmare, this one called Iron Sushi, a local chain. I’ve never eaten at Kaleidoscope and there is little chance I’m going to try Iron Sushi. We sat on the steps on my old building, eating yogurt, observing the new eyesore, and talking to Rob. Good old Rob.

It was a night mixed with nostalgia and change.


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