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September 10, 2009 § Leave a comment

>You know you live in a really strange town when the reviews of the local laundromat are this passionate. The whole town seems to be smoking out of the same bowl, or maybe it’s in the air.

It’s hard to believe this is real, but someone actually wrote this online review, which they titled, “airing our laundry:”

“i’ve been to a few different places in my life so far… and never have i had a more substantial experience washing my belongings anywhere else in the world… through the crystal clear clarity of four distinct seasons, from the sweltering hot summer days to those frigid moonlit evenings, kept in beautiful balance by the gorgeous ambiguity of a distinctively catskill spring and autumn… loading and unloading, coaxing quarters from the temperamental change machine, playfully answering the pay phone and wondering, ‘who now?’, all sprinkled with the temporary excitement of the occasional burst of celebrity wandering through the doors… but most heartfelt of all were those times spent talking to the women who were there working, washing and folding along with the rest of us… all of us talking about life, the goings on in town and even offering one another friendly, caring support at times… all of us in the act of doing more than the word ‘laundry’ could ever imply, though i couldn’t really appreciate it for what it was at the time, unwisely rushing through what i’d somehow mistaken for a chore… gratitude, admiration and appreciation to the wonderful women i’ve met at the laundromat, wishing all of you and your families much love, health and prosperity… though we left in 2000 after having only lived there for an all too brief 5 or 6 years, i miss so many aspects of the town, and unbelievable as it may sound to some, not the least of which was time well spent at this laundromat…. thank you for such fond memories, until i can make my way back to what my heart still considers ‘home’…”


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