>Goodbye, Sandy.

October 22, 2009 § Leave a comment

>During my Seventh Grade English class today, the students shared their journal entries written about The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank, which we are reading in class.

While one of the girls in class was reading, we heard a thunk against the classroom window. We went outside to find a dying female cardinal on the ground, who had run into the window.

Within seconds, the bird died.

The students found a cardboard box and we carried the bird into the woods where we buried her next to a tree. The girl who was reading when the bird died made a little plaque with marker on stone, which we placed beside the grave. Then we found a large rock to put on top of the grave, so that no animal would dig up the bird and eat her.

The students named the bird, Sandy, since glass (i.e. a window pane) is made of sand.

After sharing a moment of silence, we came up with a homework assignment: the students may choose any writing style that they wish (a poem, fiction from the bird’s perspective, a eulogy, etc.) as long as it’s about Sandy.

One of the students said, “Though we hardly knew you while you were alive, we will miss you, Sandy. Rest in peace.”

There are no windows in bird heaven.


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