>Reading as a sleep-enhancement and seventh grade musings on death

October 23, 2009 § 1 Comment

>Most nights during the school week, Joseph reads me to sleep from Gemini, a book we’ve been reading for about a year. In reality, Joseph retains the story while I’m knocked out after a couple of lines. We’ve started video-chatting lately, which adds an additional hour of talking each night, since we’re both hams. But when he finally cracks the spine, I’m a goner.

It’s Friday night, which means Joe will arrive in town in an hour and the distance between us will radically diminish, if only for a couple of days.

Teaching update: The students read their poems, eulogies, etc. about Sandy, our recently-deceased cardinal friend. Here are some 7th grade highlights, excerpts without edits:

“no more thoughts,
no more flying
Just one helpless bird
on her way to a better place,
a bird heaven,
a place with no
glass death beds.”

“She wonders if this is how death is, a one moment, of just being free and open, nothing to hide, nothing is a secret, this magical force, it feels like it knows you, like its known you for a thousand years. How would I know?
This foolish young bird is me.”

“Death is simple and easy, life is full of complications and difficulties.”

“The bird that flew in to the window
to die there
to bad it wasn’t made of jello”


§ One Response to >Reading as a sleep-enhancement and seventh grade musings on death

  • Dad says:

    >I think it is no coincidence that it is your students who were able to produce such beautiful and simultaneously concise and expansive expressions.

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