>Rage against the whatever

January 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

>I’m bored with my blog. I’ve been lazy about posting anything substantial, probably because I’m tired by the end of the day and the last thing I want to do is articulate myself.

Tomorrow I’m teaching about wrath in art to my Seven Deadly Sins class. I love thinking about anger, an active, fueling feeling. This class will be the opposite of an anger management support group.

I’ll introduce them to The Guerrilla Girls, Lydia Lunch, the rise of Riot Grrrl culture, and Bikini Kill. I’m mostly familiar with anger/wrath in feminist and queer art, so it will be interesting to see what the seniors come up with when asked to list things that they’re angry about and how they would express their anger through art. It shouldn’t be very hard to get a group of high school students to locate their inner rage.

While researching tomorrow’s class, I found a new fabulous blog worth following.

Maybe I should add a daily filling-me-with-rage-at-the-moment item to my blog.
Something I’m angry about right now:
I asked another group of my students, who are reading Moby-Dick to find excerpts in a series of chapters that are important to the book as a whole and explain why they chose these excerpts. One of my students wrote:
“Sadly, once again this chapter fails to deliver even the slightest morsel of plot development or character development but indulges instead in a gluttonous feast of philosophical treatise of the most tangential kind rather like The Da Vinci Code.”


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