>Sea Grub; Sea Sickness

February 25, 2010 § Leave a comment

>Once again, we were closed for a snow day.

If we have school tomorrow, one of my classes is going to celebrate the completion of Moby-Dick with fish-themed treats. I’m especially excited to witness some of my students’ reactions to gefilte fish.

As the shanty goes:

Over the sea let’s go, men!
We’re shovin’ right off,
We’re shovin’ right off again;
Nobody knows where or when,
We’re shovin’ right off,
We’re shovin’ right off again.
It may be Shanghai,
Farewell and goodbye;
Sally and Sue, don’t be blue;
We’ll just be gone for years and years and then,
We’re shovin’ right off for home again!

As Tom Waits croons:

And the fog’s liftin’
And the sand’s shiftin’
I’m driftin’ on out
Ol’ Captain Ahab
He ain’t got nothin’ on me, now.
So swallow me, don’t follow me
I’m trav’lin’ alone
Blue water’s my daughter
‘n I’m gonna skip like a stone

So please call my missus
Gotta tell her not to cry
‘Cause my goodbye is written
By the moon in the sky
Hey and nobody knows me
I can’t fathom my stayin’
Shiver me timbers
‘Cause I’m a-sailin’ away


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