April 5, 2010 § 3 Comments

>I’m mourning the end of my glorious break, filled with big city adventures, familiar faces, art museums, cinema saturation, and puppy excursions. Summer, hurry up!

I promised Riva that I wouldn’t dress Nukah in ridiculous outfits. Joe and I decided that this sweater, which was on sale at a dog store in the city, did not count as “ridiculous.” Maybe Riva disagrees? This evening I put Nukah in the sweater for a fashion shoot and he peed all over my bed while he was wearing it. I guess he thinks it’s ridiculous, too.

At times, Joseph can be a bit forgetful. For once, this is working in my favor because he left his wallet upstate this morning and traveled back to the city without it. This means I get to see him again tonight.

While visiting the Biennial at Whitney, I developed a new career idea. I’d like to write curriculum for an independent study project for high school seniors, an alternative to attending school. This would be a program specific to New York, where students met with a leader/mentor/teacher each day at museums, galleries, art studios, and visited with artists, curators, and museum educators. The students would learn math, science, and English through an artistic lens and the academics would be specific to which exhibitions and artists were available. Each parent and student would receive a big binder of lesson plans and homework assignments, so that they could follow along at home. I envision that this program would be like a magnet school, where students apply and based on their ability to be self-motivated, driven by learning, and passionate about the arts, they would be accepted. This project would take an enormous amount of financial backing and time to launch, but I imagine that I could really be invested in working on this.


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