>full (marshmallow and whipped topping) circle

May 23, 2010 § 2 Comments

>It’s the end of the year and my classes are wrapping up. We’re watching Edward Scissorhands in Mythology, Meaning, and Metaphor and my students squealed with disgust and confusion when Edward is fed ambrosia salad. Of course I protested and insisted that ambrosia salad is a supreme cuisine. Some of them have never tried it before. Tonight, I made some for our final class tomorrow. They’ll see the light:

Ambrosia salad really brings the school year full circle. I made ambrosia salad all by myself for the first time for the faculty bar-b-que right before the students returned to school in September.

“Ambrosia” literally means the food or drink of the Greek gods, so it makes sense to sample this delicacy in my mythology class.

Additionally, I forgot to add this classic picture of Halligan and Nukah:


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