>A happy foot

June 14, 2010 § Leave a comment

>My last blog entry was super bleak. Give me this opportunity to start the summer on, dare I say, a happy foot. School is out, though I am obligated to come to school each day of this week to help clean up and restore order.

Joseph and I are developing Project Anti-Anxiety Summer 2010. Those of you who know me at all will understand what an undertaking this could prove to be. With determination and the stubbornness of a forest fire, I will prove you wrong. I expect a t-shirt or a medal if I pull this off.

Friday is my last day upstate for a while (forever?). This coming weekend marks my Brooklyn homecoming. It will be sad to leave the country life, particularly for Nukah, who is currently living in doggy heaven. On the other hand, Joseph and I will be in the same place. We are making our way, demanding the right to be together, insisting upon an “us”.

This year, I continued to learn:

It’s okay to let other people hold me up, hold my hand, share my life.

It’s okay to need people and to let people need me.

It’s okay to be good at some things and not as good at others.

I can see things all the way through.

I am not a failure at life.

I am not a team player.

Seriousness must be balanced with silliness.

I don’t need the seasons; in fact, I’d prefer fewer seasonal type things like, let’s say, winter.

Life is less lonely when you share it with people with the same sense of humor.

(This is what I meant in an earlier blog post when I said I would thank my family and friends later. Thank you, family and friends.)


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