>Binary Sunday

June 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

Joe and I started our day at Pride.

Even with all the corporate sponsorship, I’m still a sucker for Pride.

Like every other year, I get a little choked up at Pride, thinking about how far the queer community has come, even in my short lifetime.

And somehow I found the perfect partner to celebrate with me.

Everyone looked so fabulous.

We hardly had time to immerse ourselves in the fag-tastic-ness.

We had to leave one big queer wedding/fiesta to switch into our very straight roles, the life where I somehow attend straight weddings on Pride.

Joe’s high school friend, Chris married his woman, Lisa in a very formal and traditional ceremony. They seem like very nice people.

I’m not sure I fit in, but then when do I blend with the mainstream?

There was a lot of minor attempts at being invested in an outmoded declaration of institutional romance when really I longed to go party down at Pride. I kept thinking how much my life has changed.

Dancing with Joe and having him by my side made the whole thing a lot less painful than I had anticipated. We’ve even decided to take zydeco lessons.

Happy straight solidification of your straighthood, exit from any gender or sexual confusion that may have arisen, clarity in the murky world of blurriness.

And to all my friends and family, Happy Pride!


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