July 29, 2010 § Leave a comment

>I think we should have cut off this vacation at the peak. Today was the weirdest day of our trip since the flat tires. By “weird” I mean the most unexpected experiences we’ve had so far.

After we dropped the car off for repair, the reason why we’re staying longer, we decided to try the new burrito place in town. To say that we got burned is an understatement. The bad food and service ended up being the least of our problems. We sat outside and at one point, the umbrella from the picnic table next to ours flew off a few inches from me. The umbrella landed one story down in a parking lot, the table fell onto its side, glass shattered, and nacho chips flew everywhere. Unsurprisingly, it took a long time for our waitress to come back outside and notice.
When another waiter stopped by, he sort of jokingly blamed us, which wasn’t funny.

Another couple witnessed the whole thing, but nobody seemed to get the strangeness of the situation. We didn’t think the day had more weirdness in it; we were wrong.

Joseph, Nukah, and I were trapped in an elevator at the hotel for about ten minutes. We tried calling out, but my phone had no reception. The little help box built into the elevator kept calling the front desk and automatically reporting an emergency, but we couldn’t speak directly to anyone.

It took about five minutes before I started having trouble breathing. An anxiety attack wasn’t far off when the elevator doors opened.

After we were set free, we spoke to a hotel supervisor, who humored us with a coupon for a free pizza. That’s right, a free pizza.

I’m feeling like this vacation is begging to be over. Still, I’ll be sad when it is.


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