>People keep asking me, how does it feel to be legal?

August 19, 2010 § Leave a comment

>I completely understand the term “honeymoon period” now. Joe and I are enjoying our new status quite a bit. I still feel a bit apologetic and confused about the whole marrying thing. I never imagined myself as a wife, the property of another. But here I am: the shrew’s been tamed; two shrews taming each other, actually. For somebody who runs for the hills at the implication of being boxed in, I am getting quite comfy in my new role. If this was easy, uncomplicated, then it wouldn’t be real. Sometimes I feel like the whole marriage thing is just a big campy role play, but that’s just my defensiveness flaring up. I dig him, not going to lie. And I dig being his wifey.

I like our shared number, C816.

I’ve been consoling myself with my new favorite television show, Falling in Love… with Chris and Greg. The episode, A Special Election PSA seems particularly appropriate.


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