>Pee-Wee’s Big (Halloween) Adventure

November 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

As a legalizing-our-partnership gift, my parents bought Joe and me discount tickets to see The Pee-Wee Herman Show on Broadway on Halloween.

Many people dressed up as the cast of characters and I regretted my choice not to do so. In college, I was Pee-Wee for Drag Ball one year, and with my new haircut, I think I could have pulled it off.

The set was breathtaking, but there was a ton of security, so Joe was only able to sneak a couple of pictures before the show began. Once the curtain went up, it felt like we were in the Playhouse. I never wanted the FUN (secret word) to end!

After the show, Pee-Wee came out on the street to say hi to his fans.

Cowboy Curtis signed autographs.

I usually don’t enjoy Halloween, but this was a bit of a religious experience.

He’s back and he’s sensational!

I love how in New York, being a fan is an immersive experience.


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