Public displays of self

March 8, 2011 Comments Off on Public displays of self

I’m excited to begin professionalizing my blog.  What better way to start the process than with a photograph of someone unabashedly reading a book entitled, I Love Dick on the train to Brooklyn?  Good for her.  Currently I’m reading a review copy of a book about butch/femme identities and noticed my own shy way of hiding the cover when riding the train.  I make choices about how I want to be seen every day.  In which closets will I hide?  How will I let others perceive me?  Often I perform and visibilize the parts of myself that others decide to see, or that I think people would like to see.  Would I read a book entitled I Love Dick on the train?  No, probably not.  Will I post a picture of someone else reading the book on my blog?  Yes, I guess I will.


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