Truly a home sweet home

March 15, 2011 Comments Off on Truly a home sweet home

Internet-deprived, I’ve been unable to blog by computer and unwilling to blog by phone until this afternoon.  Our new home is plugged in and ready for me to give some much-needed attention to my new blog.  Here’s my first update:

On Friday morning, we drove to Park Slope to drop Nukah off at Higgins’ so he would be out of the way while we moved into our new apartment.

My father arrived mid-morning and we spent the next six hours moving apartments.  Joe and my dad did most of the heavy (and light) lifting because my back has not been in good shape.  (Time to get into pilates.) Maybe it’s because we only moved two blocks away and were leaving a first floor apartment for another first floor apartment, but Joe and I remarked on how this was by far the easiest move we’ve experienced in our adult lives.

After my dad left to catch up with my mom, Joe and I picked up Nukah, who seemed thrilled with our new apartment.  He loves sunning himself in the backyard while we sit outside to enjoy our meals.  I never imagined that I’d have a backyard; oh, luxury!

On Sunday morning, my parents visited for a housewarming brunch.  To thank my dad for all of his help with the move, Joe made gluten-free buckwheat pancakes, which were healthy enough for everyone and delicious, too.  We all met up again for dinner at the Mermaid Inn to celebrate Joe and my knot tying.

And Monday morning, it was back to work.  (Here I am with my adorable work/lap dog pal, Hester.)


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