Supermoon Reunions

March 19, 2011 Comments Off on Supermoon Reunions

Because of yesterday’s warm weather, many of my dog-run friends finally came out of the woodwork after a super-long winter.

Last night’s hotline reunion at Black and White rounded out a beautiful 75° Friday.

The sky promises a supermoon for tonight’s double-reunion: one of my former students, Liam is visiting from Upstate and he’s going to join Joe and me for John Holland’s band, Salem‘s show. I feel much too old for the kind of partying that seems to follow John’s band. My wardrobe isn’t that funky anymore. Was it ever?

I’m realizing, Operation Live Blandly can’t be turned on and off. (Very rarely do I want to turn it off.) We’ll see if I can still stay up late enough to catch the supermoon sinking away with the beginnings of Sunday’s sunrise.


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