Supine splendor in the grass

April 3, 2011 Comments Off on Supine splendor in the grass

We had another mini-housewarming with Riva toasting up the place.

Riva in town means celebrating at Blue Stove.

For the first leg of our mattress shopping adventure, all three of us visited a store in our neighborhood.

We followed my mom’s rule: minimum of ten minutes per mattress.

Riva got into the act.

Once Riva left, Joe and I drove to Elmhurst where we met the mythical Abdul, and found mattress heaven.

Long story very short, we ended up in the Queens Center Mall where we searched for a nonexistent ATM and ended up moving through a chaotic stream of consumers after spending the day in a sleepy emptied-brain relaxation mode in ten-minute increments in the supine position. I was very happy when we hurried back to Abdul and his brother, David, waiting for us to seal the deal on a perfect mattress and two free pillows.


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