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April 7, 2007, Joe and I went on our first date. I was sick with a cold, but didn’t want to cancel and miss the opportunity, so I pretended to be in good health. He picked me up at my place of work, and after dinner, we went to see Killer of Sheep at IFC. After the film, which was stunning and brilliant, Joe talked about the film’s “beauty.” I was moved to hear a man comfortably acknowledge what’s beautiful.

Joe works late on Thursdays, so we decided to celebrate our anniversary last night. Our timing was perfect: Killer of Sheep was scheduled to screen at MoMA to kick off a Charles Burnett retrospective. Burnett was on hand to introduce the film and to lead a Q&A. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

We planned to meet at 5:30 outside of MoMA to get (free!) tickets, but when I got off the train, the avenue had been barricaded for Obama’s visit. Joe arrived five minutes later only to be trapped on the other side of street. We waited for twenty-five minutes, near, but far apart. At first I was annoyed by the inconvenience, but my heart swelled when the motorcade passed by. The crowd cheered and I was thrilled to catch a glimpse of the president in his limo. I hoped he was in town for the Charles Burnett retrospective, but no such luck.

Joe and I were reunited and he took me to dinner at Fig and Olive, which is sort of a bourgeois Olive Garden. (Yes, more bourgeois than Olive Garden!) At dinner, Joe presented me with a beautiful necklace made by jewelry designer, Etten Eller. “Each piece of Etten Eller jewelry is identified by a date that holds significant meaning for the designer, infusing every item with a sense of nostalgia.” The necklace from Joe was inspired by November 15, 1851, the date Moby Dick was published. Now I’m not much for jewelry, but come on: this guy, Joe, he’s sort of perfect in every way. I love my new bling.

After dinner, we dashed over to MoMA in time to revisit Killer of Sheep, still stunning and brilliant after all these years.

Excepting the four and a half months when Joe and I broke up, we have been together for four years. If we make it for another five months, this will be the longest relationship I’ve had. We are stronger than ever and not just because Joe’s the only person in the world who can choose a necklace that I want to wear.

I never believed this kind of thing we’ve got going on was possible. With time, I’m beginning to come around.


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