Aggressively optimistic

April 12, 2011 Comments Off on Aggressively optimistic

Rain, rain, but inside I feel warm with my mug of tangerine-rooibos tea.

Kronos Quartet: Pieces of Africa was often the soundtrack to my writing in high school. I’m listening to the album again and will put the record on a loop while I spend the afternoon working on my story, a piece inspired by people I knew in high school. And speaking of high school, yesterday I met up with a friend, who moved to Brooklyn in August who I haven’t seen since high school. New New Yorkers are energized, radiating with the possibilities of this city. Over white sangria, we caught up on the past fourteen years. She left the flute (good choice) for creative writing, and ended up receiving her MFA from Iowa: major. Now she is union organizing for adjunct professors. A new, old friend just beginning her love affair with New York is my favorite kind of person.

I didn’t believe the hype about Maira Kalman until a dog-run friend recommended her books to me. Every morning Kalman wakes up and reads the obituaries. “This is not morbid. Just epic. Maybe it is a way of trying to figure it out, before the day begins, what is important. And I am curious about all the little things that make up a life.” Yes, me too! So I have a new hobby, obituary reading. I have added this to my “toolbar” folder of interesting news, which also includes the wonderful Daily Undertaker, which reminds me, a riveting article was published in The Times about what to do with the human remains from 9/11.

Packed into the subway, bodies full of fluids and microbes– hairs, fingernails, and spit flying (and that’s only what the eye can see), there seems to be very little division between life and death.


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