A few notes to self

April 25, 2011 Comments Off on A few notes to self

I’ve begun my week of writing immersion. The characters are slowly waking from stagnation, quite like myself. Why am I traveling with these people? What do they want to say and what do they hope to hide?

Nine notes to self on day one:

1. Observe, listen, stay silent. Repeat steps.
2. Type. Type often. Keep typing. Stop reading. Type.
3. Don’t be discouraged by tangents, missteps, or inconsistencies in your characters.
4. Look for the larger picture.
5. You love sleuth work. Be a self-detective.
6. Edit later.
7. Relentlessness can be a good thing.
8. Precision and perfection are beautiful myths.
9. Lose the power struggle.


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