Sweet and lowdown

April 28, 2011 Comments Off on Sweet and lowdown

The summer is approaching. Extreme warmth, thunderstorms, and short-sleeve shirts give it away. New York is beginning to smell more like urine than anything else and increasingly, the walk to the subway is becoming a long and tiring journey. But I love summer. To celebrate the hot season, I met up with friends for pizza and a show last night. One of my favorite bands, Duluth-based Low played at Bowery Ballroom. Listening to Low live is like spending two hours in a peaceful coma; I only wish that we were seated, maybe at a planetarium, so I didn’t have to be concerned with fainting during the show. According to Wikipedia, it used to be commonplace to sit during a Low show, but I’ve seen them twice and both times I’ve stood the entire time. Anyway, it was an amazing performance. Another way that I know summer is almost here is that Joe and I are planning our trip to Duluth to see family. I’d love to see Low play at the Duluth Planetarium. I wonder if the band is open to suggestions.


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