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On my train ride home from visiting the Chelsea galleries, I read Joan Acocella’s review of Paula Fox’s new book, and almost missed my stop. This has never happened to me and it was particularly disorienting because I wasn’t enthralled in Acocella’s piece, at least I didn’t think I was. I thought back on the ride and wondered if I had dozed off. No, I’d been reading the whole time. This lapse in awareness seems like a sign and now I plan to read Fox’s Desperate Characters as soon as I finish Shirley Jackson’s We Have Always Lived in the Castle.

Growing up “under the influence of” Keith Haring, I was surprised at how much I still enjoy looking at his work. Some of the sketches in the show were new to me. Louise Bourgeois’ fabrics were also a treat. Now that Bourgeois is gone, I’m unsettled by her work because she seems like the perfect candidate to live forever; a mind like hers should never have to stop. This weekend I’ll see Alexander McQueen’s show at the Met. Another death.

Does death offer distance? Is it easier to look once they are gone?

So many dead people intertwined into our lives makes for a very full world.


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