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May 28, 2011 Comments Off on Spoiled alert

Last night, Joe and I saw Frances McDormand in the final performance of Good People. We might have been the only people in the audience, who didn’t fall head over heels for the play. Part of the problem is that we have spoiled ourselves with Aliens and Time Stands Still. The bar is too high. I have been hypercritical of literature and film for a long time, but theater criticism is new to me. The best part of watching live theater is analyzing what works and doesn’t, then incorporating my analysis into my own work. It needs to be said that the privilege of having access to amazing theater and theater companies is not lost on us.

In other news, in an effort to lower my cholesterol, I have been caffeine-free since May 16. This has been the easiest break in my addiction that I can remember. No headaches, no major fatigue, only slight irritability. The lust for coffee has not ebbed, and now that the weather is reaching the 80s and soon, the 90s, imagining a summer without iced coffee is like wearing a sweater in Brooklyn in July. The jury is still out on whether my writing will suffer from the caffeine deficiency. Where will I find the energy to create?

(While we were away on my coffee-less journey to Minnesota, our roses, which had previously been just a wild bush with cruel thorns, burst forth. Who knew Brooklyn could be home to a yard full of flowers?)


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