Jitters about Twitters

August 25, 2011 Comments Off on Jitters about Twitters

Library school must be starting because, at the advice of this site and my graduate student orientation, today I joined Twitter. Never in my vision of my future self, did I imagine the day when I would want to learn about the world from little tiny blips of data, not unlike advertisements, being hurled in my direction, with me on the other end, grasping at these morsels for some significance. But here I am, a new member of a– I cringe as I write this– networking site, knowing the plunge will be much deeper and more severe than where I am now. I am not a technology lover. I accept, maybe more than some, less than others. I tolerate advances in the digitalization of “Culture” and “Society,” especially when there’s a lot of room to choose to opt out. But currently and indefinitely, computers are where the money is, especially in the “exciting” field of librarianship. Is it my need to question authority that makes me want to pack up a pen and journal and move into a cave? I’m no Luddite, me of two blogs, a Facebook page, several email accounts, and now a home at Twitter, but I like explanations. Can someone explain to me how Twitter fills that empty 140-character hole in my life? The older I get, the more of a sheep I become. Where’s the fighting spirit of my youth?


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