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August 31, 2011 Comments Off on Learning Curvature

Three academic settings are springing into life all at the same time. I am not only working as a children’s librarian in a public school, but also very part-time as an academic librarian-in-training. On top of those two positions, my first semester of information and library science graduate school is now in session. Perhaps I have a slight tendency to overdo it, to fill my life to the brim with one thing, but there are many other things that are also important to me outside of this one subject. It has been pointed out to me (by a very old and very wise man) that I am currently experiencing a slight feeling of buyer’s remorse. This is criticism that I can accept. I am taking heed not to rush to decisions or assess my circumstances. If you read that last sentence closely, it sounds a lot more Zen than I have a reputation for being, but as much as I am up for the challenge of library immersion, I also need to be up for the challenge of pacing and going easy on myself. Although my life has frequently been dynamic, I tend to struggle with change. Luckily, I surround myself with people who teach me how to slow down, process on a calmer level, and be silly along the way.

Five things I am doing to maintain my joy while experiencing newness:

1. Building a fort on my bed
2. Squeezing in one more day-trip to Fire Island this weekend before summer ends
3. Making cucumber ice cream
4. Sleeping under the stars in the backyard
5. Scheduling lots of movie theater visits


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