Take me down to paradigm (shift) city

September 24, 2011 Comments Off on Take me down to paradigm (shift) city

On Wednesday night, Summer came to stay with us. This is the second time that she’s been here when there’s been big news to share. She was the first person on Joe’s side of the family to find out that we are pregnant and she was in the room with us for our second sonogram yesterday when we learned that we’re expecting a girl. The night before the ultrasound, Summer conducted a battery of superstitious tests to divine the sex of the baby. Four out of six tests declared our baby a boy, and one of the four tests said there was an 80% likelihood that I would be having a boy. To add to this, all of our friends have guessed that I am having a boy. That is to say, here in Brooklyn, it’s been paradigm-shift-city as we get used to the fact that I haven’t been carrying a little boy around. The realness is realer now.


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