Awake again

October 17, 2011 Comments Off on Awake again

May 16th was the last time I drank coffee before this morning. To celebrate my twenty-fifth week of pregnancy, and because I couldn’t take it anymore, I have given myself the gift of one cup of coffee every morning from here on out. I’d heard rumors that I might develop an aversion to the smell or lose my interest in coffee altogether. Those are fallacies. It’s been a long, arduous five months of sobriety. Waking up, trying to embrace the day without my chemical stimulant, enjoying the little details in life, holding conversations, performing simple tasks all became feats. And now, I am free of the obstacle. When the snow comes, I will happily rise from my slumber and honor the day.

I went for the good stuff, the daydream of a drink: Alex’s Organic Blend from Porto Rico Importing Co., ground this morning and served in a French Press.


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