Much-needed nourishment

November 6, 2011 Comments Off on Much-needed nourishment

Even though today was as action-packed and chaotic as most of my days are now, it felt magical and celebratory in a unique way.

Joseph and I met my parents and brunched at our favorite local restaurant, Le Barricou, where we’ve never been for brunch until today. When we arrived, we were told there was a thirty-minute wait, but as we sat outside in hopes of being called into the restaurant, we realized that with the sun shining down, it was warm enough to eat out front. We didn’t have to wait for half an hour, and the food, company, and environment hit the spot. And the very best part of the whole thing is that I allowed myself two beautiful cups of delicious coffee. (Joe was looking concerned, so I didn’t drink a third.)

After brunch, Joe and I rushed home so that I could work on a presentation for grad school, but Nukah was having none of that indoor-living, so with a persistent whine, we walked him to Cooper Park.

We met a group of very sweet kids who were very curious about my pregnancy: “What happened to your stomach?”

We managed to get in a little pregnancy photo shoot before rushing back home to work on school stuff.

Tonight we had our fourth of five birthing classes and our substitute teacher was excellent. She instilled confidence in us and set a fun, approachable tone, and the Rice Krispie Treats that Joe and I made were a big hit.

Today was a great end to my second trimester.


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