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The prospect of becoming a parent is amazing and now that I am less than two weeks away from my due date, I am feeling more centered and internally oriented than I have ever felt. My energy level is still fairly high and I pride myself on being able to work, socialize, and move around. It’s more challenging to commute and to be in crowds, but I am trying to keep active and engaged.

As much as I am looking forward to parenthood, I am also adjusting to some of the activities that I will inevitably give up or forgo, at least for the first year of my baby’s life. Yesterday, I was cleaning out some of my stacks of papers when I came across the Trevor Project’s Volunteer Orientation packet. Today on one of my favorite blogs, Lee Wind posted an article about a Boston family’s experience as one of their identical twins came out and decided to transition from male to female. This inspiring article and the power behind the It Gets Better Project make it difficult for me to sit still. In the Boston Globe piece, the father says, “We told our kids you can’t create change if you don’t get involved.”

One of the ways in which I reassured myself that it was okay to leave the suicide hotline where I volunteered last year was my decision to replace that work with volunteering at The Trevor Project. But that hasn’t happened beyond attending an orientation and now volunteering is on hold until I can make time.

Having kids is an entitlement. I’ve had to believe I deserve this privilege and that I’m as qualified as many others to parent. But I am not totally comfortable with centering so much energy on my self and my child when I must give up involvement with the things I am passionate about, at least temporarily. As I transition into parenthood, these nuances keep me honest.


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