A Brooklyn Education

March 15, 2012 Comments Off on A Brooklyn Education

While I was pregnant, I became sensitive to my surroundings. My senses were heightened because of changes in my hormones, but also because I was curious about what kind of world Zevi would come to know. Train rides were an opportunity to eavesdrop, not just for the fun of it, but to listen to people publicly disseminating all kinds of information. Then there were the hours walking through the city, listening to snippets of cellphone conversations and people conversing with other people. In utero, Zevi learned about how many minutes we had to wait for the next train. She heard me read stories to children. When I gossiped with friends, she listened in.

Now that Zevi is out and about, her environment is rich with sensations. Living in New York means she’s shaped and molded by much more than friends and family. Yesterday, I was carrying Zevi on my block when a young man walked by, speaking loudly and explicitly into his phone about a woman he recently slept with. There’s a good amount of living out loud that we encounter everyday. Zevi has been and will continue to be exposed to a much more diverse world than I was as a child. I guess she’ll be a lot more hip to my tricks. I love New York for that.


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